Why choose Clements Family Law?

Lorne has 25 years’ experience as a Family Lawyer and he has been recognised as an Accredited Specialist by the Law Institute of Victoria, marking him as one of the leading Family Lawyers in the state.

As a sole practitioner, Lorne will devote personal attention to your matter. He will listen to you with empathy and without judgment, noting your priorities and objectives. Lorne prides himself on his personal integrity and ethics, and his advice to you will be honest and pragmatic.

Lorne will work with you to craft a strategy to resolve your matter in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Lorne’s approach is to settle matters by agreement wherever possible, viewing court proceedings as a last resort.

While court proceedings are ideally avoided, there are times when such proceedings are necessary. Lorne’s extensive experience provides him with the judgment to know when taking court action is appropriate.

Lorne strongly believes that legal advice and representation is vital for anyone experiencing the breakdown of a marriage or defacto relationship. Clements Family Law is a small, modern practice without the high overheads of many city law firms, enabling Lorne to offer his services at affordable rates.